Registration Fees*

MSB 2016 is being planned with the registration limited to 275 delegates. Our intention is to create a smaller, more informal and interactive meeting. The presentation format has been adapted to increase the discussion period after each paper. Each plenary and keynote lecture will be followed by a 10 minute discussion period, while each session lecture will be followed with a 7 minute discussion period. The poster session is also being modified to create an environment conducive to discussion – with the session chairs leading discussion forums at each poster.

To further encourage open discussion and the presentation of frontier science, each delegate agrees that any information presented at MSB 2016, whether in a formal talk, poster session, or discussion, is a private communication from the individual making the contribution and is presented with the restriction that such information is not for public use. The recording of lectures by any means, the photography of slide or poster material, and printed reference of MSB 2016 papers and discussion is prohibited. Each delegate acknowledges and agrees to these restrictions when registration is accepted and as a condition of being permitted to attend this symposium. You will be required to sign an acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the MSB  confidentiality provisions in exchange for your access to this conference.

At MSB 2016 the social program is included in the price of registration.

Early Registration Fee before
January 31, 2016
Registration Fee after
January 31, 2016
Student $295.00 $395.00
$595.00 $695.00
Industry $795.00 $895.00
Short Course (each) $ 99.00 $ 99.00
*Note: 13% HST will be charged on registration fees. Fees are in Canadian Dollars.
Terms and Conditions
Please review the terms and conditions of registration.