Presentation Formats
Instructions For Oral Presentations

Presentations will be projected from a central computer, with Windows 7.0 operating system and Microsoft Powerpoint 10. Please prepare your talk and save to a file on a USB drive, titled with your last name and session day and time. For example  Landers_Monday_915. If you plan video or sound please alert your session chair ahead of time to coordinate the testing of these items prior to the session. Please plan to meet your session chair 30 minutes prior to the start of the session, to load your presentation and receive session instructions. A speaker ready room will be made available throughout the symposium for trial runs of your presentation.  No recording or photographs will be allowed. The confidentiality of your material will be maintained, with all files deleted from the computer at the conclusion of  each session.

Presentation Timing

We are placing a key empahsis on the discussion of each paper at MSB 2015. It is the responsibility of each presentor to prepare and manage their presentation timing. A timing light will assist in keeping the program on schedule. The AV technician will be responsible for programming and resetting the light. The session chairs will be diligent in ensuring the time frames are met, and will be leading a discussion session for each paper. Please plan your time according to the following guidelines - as these will be strictly followed:

Plenary Lecture:  30 minutes presentation - 10 minutes discussion. Total 40 minute time slot
Keynote Lecture: 20 minutes presentation - 10 minutes discussion. Total 30 minute time slot
Session Lecture: 13 minutes presentation -   7 minutes discussion. Total 20 minute time slot

Timing Tip: The session chair will read the title of your talk and introduce you. We would discourage you from lengthy repeating of the title, or reading the list of authors.
Instructions For 3 Minute Talks

A select number of poster abstracts at MSB 2016 have been nominated for our inaugural 3 minute talk (3MT) presentations, where delegates are provided a maximum of 3 minutes using a single informative “static” slide (i.e., no animations, video or audio clips) to concisely discuss their research in a way that engages a broad audience. 3MT presenters are recommended to communicate innovative aspects of their research as related to microscale separations highlighting key results as connected to “real-world” problems. Aim to convey “big ideas in little time” while explaining why your research matters!!  Up to 7 presenters  have been selected for our 3MT session each afternoon prior to the start of our poster session with awards provided to our top speakers.

Please ensure that your slides are loaded onto the presentation laptop prior to noon on the day of your presentations.

Presentations will be made in the Grand Georgian Ballroom immediately following the Science Cafe.